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01 November 2020 @ 09:35 am
Partially locked.
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23 May 2011 @ 06:23 pm
School's finally out but I'm stuck with preceptorship. And may I include how badly I'm dreading every minute of it? I just want to holiday, play, rest, party and do nothing, just nothing.

So far, life's been pretty mundane. I have yet to recover from my whole exam sleep debt and am just trying to live day by day. I feel tired 24/7 whenever I'm not partyinggggg~ And it's ironic, when I know partying drains away MORE of my energy. Baaaaaaahhhhh. 

Enuff' of that. Seems like I've forgotten how I should blog my memorable events of my life, which apparently is null since.... eons ago. It's worse now, when I have doubts about this family and how I should live my life. My mindset has changed almost a hundred and eighty degrees round, making me someone warped in my own set of thoughts and sometimes feeling really incoherent. 

22 March 2011 @ 12:09 am
We grow up to learn to love, live and embrace the little things in life. Perhaps there is just more to life than that. I begin to realise what bothers me, it doesn't seem to be betrayal anymore; instead, I feel more pain for life is really unfair now. It's as though there is no justice done, and contradicts how an ideal life should be. So yes, it's still partly the hurt but not more than a superficial cut that seems to be of little meaning nowadays, 'cause my life is as it is. So yea, I'm just taking the whole situation with an apathetic attitude for now, and no, there's still no acknowledgment. 
15 March 2011 @ 09:17 am

Japaaaaaaan <3

There could be many reasons why the people around would feel sympathetic towards this disaster happening in Japan but why is it so that so much media/aid is placed in Japan alone when there are far more poverty and disease experienced elsewhere? Because they are not the cause of a natural disaster? Or that their issues aren't as grave as the ones in Japan? Or that... 

Just a provoking thought I have amidst my fairly mundane school life. 

On a lighter note, 7 more weeks till SUMMER. Omg, time really flies. 
I've a ton left to study/ cram into my head/ get used to the facts so that I can apply when faced with boggling questions. 

At the library now, at an unearthly hour -- Since 8am but I guess this is just the start! :) 

I think I found new meaning to this whole.... Mess. 
07 March 2011 @ 10:36 pm

Since my mind is feeling terribly heavy, I've decided to inject some life to this blog. No, I wasn't on any hiatus from blogging, nor was I extremely occupied. My life just didn't have anything interesting left to be remembered. Okaaaay, it's not that pathetic but on a scale from 1 to 10, it's 3. 

A few events here and there, since school takes up most of my time and it's the period of CAs. In chronological order, 

Philanthropy work -- Brown Bagging in Jan;




Sis's birthday dinner at Peperoni's (Binjai Park); 


Our xxl pizza ( I forgot which flavours we chose) -



Creme Brulee-

Yee Wen's farewell dinner @ Dome, Dempsey Hill; 

Rachel's dance performance; 


Our "Vday" dinner at Margaritas; (Second time here 'cause I was craving for Mexican food!)


My cheese-filled wrap! Good for 4 but too ge-lat for two! 

Our mains: Kitchen Sink Burrito and Chicken and Beef Fajita

Not edited -- Very lazy

My chicken and beef fajita wrap. Too much tortillas for the day :/ 

And what's dining in Margaritas w/o having Margarita?? 

Mango flavouredddd.

Okay, so that basically wraps up my Jan/Feb. Pretty mundane... And exhausting. Haha, I feel like a sloth everyday. :/